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Article 1 - medication trial for biploar disorder
Article 2 - Learning, anxiety, and music education
Article 3- Preschool special education
Article 4 - Lesbian, gay, and heterosexual adoptive parents
Article 5 - tablets in education
Article 6 - Violence exposure and desensitization

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        Child Psychology MWF 12:00
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Child Psychology Test 2

Please respond to each question fully and bring your responses to class on Friday. Feel free to post any questions on facebook or via email

1. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to putting children in child care? Are there any particular factors to consider? Explain.

2. Temperament is said to be a precursor to personality. Discuss what is meant by this statement. Explain the types of temperament.

3. Describe (a) infant and (b)toddler cognitive development. What are the most important cognitive tasks of each? Be sure to include the name of the theorist, if relevant.

4. Discuss your understanding of attachment. Are there types of attachment that would be more damaging to future development than others? Explain.

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Basic Psychology MWF 11:00 AM
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Assignment for 
In class Journal Critique Assignment Instructions
Each student will bring their own article to be used for their final paper.
Each group will respond to the following questions and turn in one typed sheet with the responses for your group with all group members names. The entire class will do the same article so that we can discuss it as a class. Ensure that all original articles are labeled with the individual student's name and turned in with your group assignment.

1) A summary of what the researcher says about their topic and why it is important. This section should include their hypothesis.
2.) The basics on their research methods. Include # of participants, other description of participants, type of research (experimental, correlational, descriptive, case study) and a summary of their methods. Did they utilize a representative sample? A convenience sample? Attempt to control for the placebo effect and experimenter bias? Do you feel that they have an adequate number of participants?
3) Their findings and your opinion (critique) of their research methods. Did they accurately draw conclusions (remember correlation does not equal causation and should never be stated this way)? Anything the researchers were missing in their research methods? Other factors that may have influenced their results? Things you would suggest they should have done differently or future researchers should do if replicating the research?
Should be just the article and the text book (if needed to describe any of the limitations of the research and why it is a limitation). This must be listed in APA format.
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 Educational Psychology MWF 10:00 

 Test 2                  
Please submit in person on Friday. 1. Ms. Estes is a first year teacher who is full of enthusiasm for teaching.  She notices that Allen seems to be struggling with the course material and she wants to help him. She tries various interventions but cannot seem to get through to him. The harder she tries the more he acts up in class and creates a negative learning situation for all of the students. She goes to other fellow teachers who tell her that “you can’t help everyone”. She doesn’t believe that this is true so despite them telling her that she is “young and naive” she continues to search for ways to help him. Use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to hypothesize what could be occurring with all 3 people involved (feel free to add in extra information to make your case): Ms. Estes, Allen, and the other teachers. Then offer potential solutions. 2. Sam is in your 8th grade class. Everyday in your English, Sam starts acting restless, getting out of his seat, and insulting other students. You talk to other teachers and they are surprised to hear of Sam’s acting out behaviors. Describe what you think is going on and offer solutions in terms of both classical and operant conditioning.
3. What are some (at least 5) of the strategies that you can use to help students to better remember the information that you’re trying to teach them?4. What are the terms that you feel are most important to understand when working with a child with special needs? How can you ensure that you are helping them to develop into their full potential?

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Here is a link to a book on teaching students with learning disabilities:
Additional source with many links for more information on teaching strategies:
Glossary of teaching strategies
Information on becoming certified to teach in NJ
****specific information on the certification you intend to earn
***Specific information regarding which Praxis II test you must take for your certification
General Paper Info for all Students
 ***Please get a library card if you don't have one in order to make it easier to complete assignments throughout the semester at home. 

Obtaining an article: Click the library tab on the Camden County Website or use the link above. If you are on campus, you can access resources without a library card but if you're off campus, you'll need to enter your library card number and pin. Click "articles and databases", all databases, then select the "academic search premier" database. Enter your search terms in the boxes at the top of the page. Choose articles from 2015 and later unless you have specific permission from me to use an earlier article. Click the box that says "peer-reviewed journal" as well as the box for "full text", which are listed on the left side of the page. 
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